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The Exploration of Earth Has Begun...

We are proud to introduce Wibble, Dibble & Splattt. Help us launch your child's imagination with a new space adventure. Their first book, "Where is One?" is now available on Amazon.

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This is an alien invasion that leads to fun, excitement and inspirational learning. We'll take you on an incredible deep-space adventure into the outer reaches of your own imagination.

Our story begins with three aliens searching the universe for signs of intelligent life and fun. They soon discover the only life forms they understand are the children of Earth.

Join the journey and discover what's wonderful about our big, blue home and this great, wide universe in which it floats.

Wibble, Dibble, Splattt and all of their friends are waiting for you to blast off into the adventure and join the forces of GOO.

Find out more about GOO.

Find out more about the makers of Wibble, Dibble & Splattt.
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